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Wanted: Images that portray love.

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Now is your time to shine.  We are in need of more DrawingLove art.

Please send your art to:


P.O. Box 511

Normal, IL, 61761

P.S. A great way to spend an evening is as followed:

1. Gather art supplies, old magazines, and card stock.
2. Invite all of your friends over for a pot luck.
3. Put on some great music.
4. Draw, paint, collage, and create.
5. Add in a bunch of laughter, talking, and stories.
6. Send the art you created to DrawingLove.
(You can save money by mailing in all the art at once!)

The above is how we were able to get the first wave of DrawingLove art. We had an unbelievable time. It was so nice to sit down with friends over a good meal and create something beautiful.

See our GET INVOLVED section for more information.

Here is a DrawingLove haiku for you to enjoy while you are waiting for the art:

DrawingLove Future

Boundless, endless, limitless

Love will make it grow

Thank you!

<3 Sarah and the DL team


Monday Love

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Thank you dad for always supporting me and loving me.  It is because of you, mom, and the girls that I’ve grown up to be such loving adult.


Here at DrawingLove we are very lucky to have received some haikus from a viewer.  Please enjoy!

DrawingLove Impact

Universal, expanding

What life is about.



Monday Love

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Mail Us Love

Monday Love

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  Thank you for being my hero.