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Sarah Dolan grew up in Arlington Heights, IL.  Throughout her life, art was always present.  She went to school at Illinois State University where she studied all areas of the social sciences.  Her love for art was rekindled while living in Florence, Italy.  The beauty, history, and allure of Italian art pulled at her heart strings.  The city itself was a work of art.  Even the sun seemed to dance playfully, while painting colors only the eye can capture with 100% accuracy.

Once back in the states, Sarah thought about Italy, love, and art.  She wondered: If love was a person, what would he look like?  What clothing would she wear?  What songs would she sing?  What instrument would he play?  She also wondered what other people would draw, if she merely told them to draw love.  Would they draw someone dear to them, a place they had been, an abstract painting that made no sense except to the artist?  The idea grew.  It was no longer enough to have it be just dinner conversation.  The artist in her was screaming to know what the world would draw.  How would love change form over time?  Would love be beautiful and naïve in the eyes of youthful lovers?  Would it become cynical with age?  Would it change from continent to continent?  This idea of love spread until it became DrawingLove.

DrawingLove has two meanings.  It literally means drawing love, putting pen to paper and creating an image that represents love to the creator in some way.  But it also means drawing love, bringing love towards you.  Drawing it in until there is nowhere for it to go, so it ignites the heart of the person sitting next to you.  And they, too, become filled with love.  DrawingLove was made to display art but also to bring love to people around the world, people who may not have enough love in their daily lives or people who just want more.


Help Sarah spread love.

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